Why You Need Liberty Automotive Protection NJ

Liberty Automotive Protection NJ offers the ideal solution to help today's drivers keep their vehicle running at its best. With affordable extended protection plans, drivers will never have to worry about how they'll meet unexpected auto repair bills. Regardless of the make, model or year of the vehicle, Liberty Automotive Protection NJ offers a protection plan that can provide peace of mind. There are vehicle protection plans to meet a variety of needs as well as all budgets and vehicle types. 

Pick the Coverage Plan that is Best for Your Needs 
The right protection plan ensures drivers will be able to pick only the coverage that will best meet their needs. Whether it's a comprehensive coverage plan for worry-free driving or it's a more focused plan that can help alleviate a driver's biggest auto repair worries, Liberty Automotive Protection NJ has developed a number of exceptional plans to meet the diverse needs of today's drivers. When there are automotive repair concerns, the right protection plan can mean the difference between fast, professional repairs, and being stranded without a vehicle, waiting for the financial resources to cover expensive repair bills. Each plan offers unique coverage with an easy to manage $100 deductible. Protection plans are refundable and renewable, making switching plans as needs change a very simple process. Optional surcharges may apply to some components, such as 4x4 transfer unit, electric sliding doors, GPS units, audio visual equipment, turbo chargers, sport utility, and high-tech electrical devices. 

Protection Plan Options for Every Driver and Vehicle Type 
As an important way to meet the auto protection needs of all types of drivers, Liberty Automotive Protection NJ offers four important coverage plans. These money-saving plans include the following: 

Select Coverage -- this plan is a comprehensive protection plan that covers gas, diesel, and rotary engines; transmission, automatic and manual; air conditioning system; electrical system; front and rear suspension; electronics; transaxle; brakes, including anti-lock brakes; steering; electronics, such as computer sensors; factory installed GPS; drive axel; electric sliding door; and more. 

Engine Coverage -- This plan includes coverage for all internally lubricated parts, such as pistons, crank shaft, camshaft and bearings, connecting rods and bearings, timing chain and gears, oil pump, valve springs, and more. 

Powertrain Coverage -- The powertrain protection plan covers the vehicle's engine, drive axles and transmission. These components are often the most expensive automotive repairs a driver can face. 

Powertrain Enhanced Coverage -- This plan includes all the coverage of the powertrain plan, but with the addition of air conditioning and basic electrical coverage. 

Benefits included with all plans: national coverage, car rental if vehicle will need to be kept overnight for repairs, trip interruption protection, lockout assistance, roadside assistance, and an unlimited number of claims. Additionally, all plans offer the flexibility of transferable coverage. 

Get the Repairs You Need at Home or Away 

Covered repairs can be done at any licensed repair facility. Many repair facilities will directly bill Liberty Automotive Protection NJ for repair costs, ensuring repairs can be completed in an affordable and convenient manner.

Post date :2018-11-15